Benefits Hosted PBX System Local PBX System
Maximum System Up-time Yes No
System Monitoring We monitor and maintain our systems 24/7 to ensure our guaranteed up-time and resolve any issues immediately. You’re responsible for monitoring and maintaining your system or, need to hire a technician for this task.
System Redundancy We have full redundancy for our infrastructure and fail-over environments in order to maintain our 99.9% up-time. Redundant hardware is extremely expensive and your site is the single point of failure.
Internet & Power Outage Support Each of our two data centre’s have dual redundant internet and power sources. In the event that either internet or power at our primary site is interrupted, our fail-over site will immediately take over all roles and responsibilities of the PBX environment. If our customers experience an Internet outage, we will forward all calls to alternate number. Should you lose Internet or power, you will no longer be able to receive or make calls during the outage.
System Maintenance We maintain our environment 24/7. With the advantage of a fail-over environment, our customers do not experience any outages during system updates and changes. You need to hire a technician to maintain and patch your system. With a single server solution, you will not have access to your phone system during this time.
System Scale Our systems are scaled to any number of users. We are constantly upgrading and updating feature availability for all our clients to provide full flexibility for their needs and/or requirements and requests. You need to wait for the technician to complete any changes.
Cost Saving There is no required purchase of an in house PBX system or maintenance fee. No IP knowledge is required. The phones have the ability to be used anywhere around the world. You must purchase the server and hire a technician to deploy the solution.
 Static IP Required Not Required; any internet connection will do. Required, at a average cost of $20/month.
Time Saving Full system turn around within 48 hours of confirmation. Long: need to purchase hardware and software.