Save Time and Money with our E-Fax Service

Greater Convenience

Sending a e-fax is equally as easy as sending a email. No fax machine and no phone line required. You can send and receive fax from wherever you are and at your own convenience, without paying fax fees at hotels.

Stay Organized

Only print out the faxes you actually need to print out. Organize, label, and categorize your faxes using an online filing system.

Better Security

Instead of having every fax printed out off the office fax machine, you can discretely receive faxes in your email inbox, keeping sensitive information to yourself.


Capable of sending and receiving multiple faxes at once. No longer accidentally leaving a fax behind, because you can access these files from the comfort of your smartphone or laptop- while on the go.


Cutting down on paper consumption and reduce the environmental impact of owning a fax machine. Online faxes can be read directly from a computer screen, which helps reduce the need for printing off documents and thus, reduces paper waste.